Wedding Catering


Are you looking for the best wedding caterer in Toronto? If so, look no further. When it comes to planning your big day, you should focus only on inviting guests and picking the most gorgeous dress. The day when you say “I Do” is one of the most memorable days of your life. At Chef On The Go, our goal is to make your wedding day as splendid as possible. When you hire us to be a part of your wedding team, we make things easier for you. As one of the best wedding catering services in Toronto, our team is willing to handle every aspect of catering to your big day. With years of experience in catering weddings, we know what it takes to make your wedding unique.

No matter whether your wedding is large or small, formal or casual, indoor, outdoor or anything in between, we offer catering for events of all types and sizes at the best possible price. We believe that food is the integral part of every occasion. Whether it’s a big gathering or a small family affair, food makes every occasion even more memorable. Our unique approach to wedding catering is based on respecting your family traditions and understanding your dietary needs. We are committed to being there for you every step of the way by sharing in your mission and vision.

Customized Wedding Menu

Every wedding is different! When you choose us, our team will work with you to create a personalized and seasonal menu for your wedding. We can combine global flavors with the best seasonal and local ingredients to present you with the most exotic dishes. If your guests have any special dietary needs, we will make arrangements for it. Whether you need a gluten-free recipe or vegan dishes, our chef can design the perfect menu for your guests. When it comes to planning your once-in-a-lifetime celebration, our team strives to take catering to a whole new level. Our team has experience in adjusting to any situation that may arise. We focus on every last detail to make sure that your event is exactly as you envision it.

Our customized wedding catering solutions are tailored to your specific needs. The custom-menu is prepared by considering all the dietary or allergy-related needs of our clients. Our expert chefs are experienced in preparing a wide range of national and international food, from European, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Chinese, Latin American and South Asian – even Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Kosher Style. We strongly believe in making everything from scratch. Our team use only fresh, handpicked ingredients to provide you the most delectable recipes. Our chefs prepare breads, pastas, sauces, and more in-house so that you get the best, fresh food.

Moreover, we set up food and drink stations with decorative details that are handpicked by our designing team. To make your wedding planning stress-free, our catering team will clear all your doubts and oversee every aspect of planning- budgeting, personalizing, and executing your wedding to perfection. Our warm, attentive, and efficient approach will make your wedding planning hassle-free.